About Us

Who We Are

Ceiling Ease Cleaning Inc. is a family owned business that began in 2003.  As a business that represents our family we take pride in our services and the outcome of our work.  As our son says, “We do not just stand behind our work, we stand under it.” Mike Mustoe, CE President and Director of Operations, takes pride in maintaining high standards for cleaning and repairs.  He wants customers to look at the finished work and smile in satisfaction.  If a customer is not satisfied, then he or Kelson will be on the premises within 48 hours to determine what needs to be done. Kelson Mustoe, Vice-President and Crew Team Manager, sets the pace for accomplishing the cleanings and repairs to ensure that work is completed timely.  While work is done in off hours, the work environment needs to be ready for the next day’s shift to start with minimal disruptions.  This helps the customer to appreciate the cleaner, brighter work space. Jo-Pledge, Secretary and Marketing Director, schedules site surveys and requested work. The sharing of information between the customer during the day and the Cleaning Crews which work at night helps ensure satisfied customers.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Ceiling cleaning is a service that most people are unaware of its existence.  Cleaning services can help companies maintain a positive image at a reasonable cost.  To keep the cost reasonable for our clients, we train our staff, monitor their performance, and listen to customers about our results. We train our employees on the importance of customer satisfaction.  Understanding this concept is as important as learning the technical aspects of the job.  Our staff is trained over weeks and months depending on their previous experience.  They must learn how to clean ceilings while standing on the floor.  Eye hand coordination, attention to detail and coordination with others are skills that are valued.  Half of our employees have been with us for three years or more.  The other half of our staff has been employed at least one year. All of our employees have been referred by former or current employees.

How Our Services Have Evolved

Initially, Ceiling Ease Cleaning Inc only cleaned ceilings.  A few customers observed that the 4 to 5 tiles over ovens or big pasta cooking areas looked worse now that the rest of the ceiling was clean and asked, “Can you replace those permanently stained tiles.”  We said yes.  Then we started offering customers tile replacement and old tile removal. As our customers, usually restaurants, saw how clean their ceiling tiles looked, they began to notice that the vents and metal t-bars looked old and battered.  They asked us, “What can you do about those?”  As a result CE began to install air diffusers, air returns, and t-bar grid cover.  All of our products were made of vinyl which does not rust and is easy to keep clean.  Our customers were pleased at how their ceilings looked.  They were even happier when they realized that permits were not required to make their ceiling look good at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Next, a customer said, “What can you do about the sagging ceiling around these electrical cords?”  Since that was a minor repair we eliminated the ceiling sag.  That customer was very happy since they were having a regional inspection in several days. As a result of customer requests our services now go beyond ceiling cleaning.  We still focus on customer satisfaction and timely completion.  These are standards that let us feel proud of our work.