Ceiling Cleaning Saves Money

Ceiling cleaning in Orange County can substantially prolong the life of a kitchen ceiling. Cleaning eliminates stale odors and gives your kitchen a brighter and more professional look over night.  Grease, cooking oils, and powders stick to ceilings. Daily exposure to these chemicals creates a buildup that darkens a ceiling. Over time the buildup causes tiles to sag and smell.  Employee morale and pride in their production will decrease as their work area deteriorates.

Buildup left on tiles damages a ceiling to the point that tile replacement is required. Health Departments will site restaurants with sagging ceilings since openings develop that allow vermin to enter a kitchen or hazardous situations for employees. Ceiling cleaning for a restaurant in Orange County is performed when the restaurant is closed. To protect kitchen equipment and supplies, the Cleaning Crews will tarp anything that cannot be moved.

Once the tarp has been placed, our Crews apply a degreaser chemical to the ceiling. After the degreaser has loosened the buildup power washing begins.

Vinyl tiles are power washed to remove grease, oils, and stains. The power washing force does not damage tiles. The water washes away the buildup for a dramatic improvement.

Tile appearance improves 70-80%. Next tiles and t-bar are wiped to remove excess water.

Protruding lights are hand cleaned. Light panels, usually 2 ft X 4ft, are taken down to clean both sides. Vents are sprayed then hand wiped. After the ceiling is cleaned, tarping is removed and floors are squeegeed dry.It will be approximately two to three hours until the ceiling is fully dry.

Ceiling Repairs — Waiting Costs

Tile Replacement

When tiles are permanently damaged due to repeated exposure to steam or perforations that allow vermin to crawl into kitchens, it is time for them to be replaced. Usually kitchens have a few tiles that are repeatedly damaged due to ovens, steamers, and other hat intensive equipment.

Our Crew will install new tiles. Tiles can be cut to fit around corners, signs, etc.

Vent Replacement

Damaged or rusted vents (diffusers and returns) need to be replaced.
Our Crews install new vinyl returns and diffusers.
These vinyl vents are easy to clean and do not rust.
Installation can be done quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Air returns have a new look, facilitate air returning to above the ceiling, and can easily be cleaned.
If the old look is preferred, it can still be in vinyl material which does not rust and cleans.

Also available for use as a diffuser or return is a combination unit.
This provides a uniform look across the ceiling.

For those diffusers that are blowing on food or people, an easy fix is available.
Use an air diverter.
Whether it is rectangular or triangular, the diverter allows the full amount of air to flow into a room but it directs the air away from sensitive areas.
Metal t-bars are frequently damaged or lost when maintenance work is done on air conditioning units or roofs. Missing t-bars should be replaced to ensure tiles are supported properly.

Grid Cover Installation

Stained or rusted t-bars can be covered with vinyl grid cover.

The grid cover helps protect the metal t-bar and it gives a ceiling a new look overnight. No permits required.

Eliminate Ceiling Sag

Heavy wires, air conditioning repairs, or time can cause a ceiling to sag. Ceiling Ease Crews can level that ceiling.  Cables coming through ceilings can have protective material around them to minimize daily damage to the ceiling.  Let a kitchen look its best to promote team pride in your employees.

Stainless Steel Tiles Protect

Heat, rolling out from ovens daily, scorches tiles. Rather than continually replace vinyl tiles, install stainless steel tiles. Protect the ceiling and have a professional look.

If you need ceiling cleaning or ceiling repair in Orange County, call Ceiling Ease today! (714) 538-6762

When Customers or Auditors Look Up…

…do they say “Yuck?”

Restaurants, offices, hospitals, bakeries, clean their floors daily.  What about those ceilings?  Customers waiting for service or food look around, including up.  Health inspectors and corporate auditors see dirty ceilings as a poor reflection on the food being prepared.  Clients in offices look at the ceiling while waiting for a meeting.

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A Low-Tech, Low-Cost Solution

Now you can improve your image with a low-tech, low cost solution.

High tech tools have our attention.  iPhones, tablets, social media all seem to be important aspects for work and home.  But try to use these in a dirty environment.  Suddenly a low tech application takes priority.

Cleanliness helps make a good first impression. Cleaning and maintenance are daily requirements for any business hoping to retain customers.

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Ceiling Cleaning is Green

Ceiling cleaning is a green process, in that it is both environmentally and economically friendly.  The removal of dull tiles fills a dumpster, the contents of which are then taken to a land fill. The tiles reside in the land fill for years as they decay.  The replacement of the old tiles is costly.  The purchase of sufficient tiles to fill a ceiling can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.


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Does Your Location Pass the Smell Test?

Are your customers greeted with a pleasant smell when they open your door?  Or does the air smell stale, stagnant, and moldy?  If your building is more than 10 years old, you may be starting to have an “old building” smell.

Over time, ceilings tiles collect epidermal (skin) cells.  Add this to the cob webs, occasional sprayed soda, and left over items from ceiling trade workers.  The combinations of these things start making your air smell stale.  In some buildings the smell of mold is sufficient to affect employees and customers breathing.

If you would like to give your offices a fresh smell, clean your ceiling tiles.  Most offices have acoustical tiles.  These tiles easily last 20 years if not abused by festive decorations, air conditioning trade workers, and others.  While they may look good, they will start to absorb smells.

The spraying of your ceiling eliminates the skin cells, spider webs, and most stains.  Within a few hours your location will have a fresher smell.  If you have had a fire in your area, the spraying of a neutralizing chemical can eliminate that burnt smell.  Older buildings may need to be sprayed above the ceiling also to eliminate the smell of dust layers.

A fresher smell will appeal to your customers and employees and reflect positively on your business.  Call for a quote.

A Clean Ceiling Lasts Longer

All business people try to avoid needless expenses.  The larger the expense, the more effort people put into avoiding an expense.  Would you like to avoid having to replace your ceiling in the near future?

Cleaning a ceiling prolongs its life.  Clean tiles look better longer, smell cleaner, last longer, and are less likely to be cited by the Health Department or a company inspector.


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Rusted & Stained T-bar?

If your kitchen ceiling metal t-bar is rusting and/or permanently stained, change its look overnight.  Install vinyl grid cover to eliminate the worn look and to protect your t-bar.  Prolong the life of your ceiling with vinyl grid cover.


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