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Advanced Power Washing is a family owned and operated business  with over 15 years in the pressure washing business.  We began by offering our pressure cleaning services in Orange County.  Since that time, our services have been sought by businesses and municipalities in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

We specialize in E.P.A. compliant power washing of commercial and residential buildings, walkways, patios, awnings, dumpster areas, parking lots and structures, car washes, automobile repair bays, and gas stations.

We take pride in our work.  We want our customers to be satisfied and able to see a significantly cleaner area upon completion.  Your customers and family deserve to walk and park in a clean environment.

Advanced Power Washing is always looking for ways to improve our services.  All comments are appreciated, reviewed, and changes are made as appropriate. We are certified, insured, and ready to help you.  There is no job too big or small, so call us today to see how we can help you with your pressure washing needs!

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Commercial Power Washing

Restaurants, office buildings, retail locations must maintain a clean, professional exterior appearance of their locations. In addition to maintaining a professional appearance for their customers and clients, management is liable for any hazardous or dangerous materials, liquids, or grime build up.

Simple liquid spills can create an attractive nuisance for insects, bees, and other critters. A sting or bite to someone who is sensitive to that insect can present a liability problem. Slippery chemicals can create greater risks. Wads of gum on sidewalks, oil drips in parking lots, grime build up are all unsightly and potentially hazardous.

After just a few hours, power washing can restore a professional appearance and eliminate hazards. Simply hosing down a sidewalk or parking lot will not remove the problem and may cause a fine for contaminating ocean water. If your business is in need of commercial power washing services in Orange County, call us today for a free quote.

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