After our overnight restaurant kitchen ceiling cleaning, any kitchen will have a brighter, more professional appearance. Our commercial kitchen equipment cleaning is done after hours, and twenty-four hour restaurants are also easily cleaned during slow hours.

To achieve this fresh look, Ceiling Ease arrives as the restaurant staff is leaving the kitchen for the night.  Restaurant staff does not need to stay unless their company requires it. However, a three foot clearance is needed from tops of racks to properly clean so restaurant staff must have already removed all food, breakable items, and paper notices from the walls.

chairsOur commercial kitchen equipment cleaning crew will then bring in their equipment and supplies and begin the cleaning process by moving the restaurant equipment on wheels into a separate area. Crew members will then spread vinyl tarps over stationary racks, ovens, and other items to prevent them from getting wet.

The “dirt” on kitchen ceilings is a mixture of grease, oil, dried water, salt, spices, flour, and many other chemicals.  To remove this residue, a chemical degreaser is applied evenly across the ceiling.  Any especially dark spots may be sprayed twice.  After the chemical has loosened the residue, crew members begin power washing the ceiling. Again, any extra dark spots may need a reapplication of chemical and a second power washing.

After the power washing, Ceiling Ease crew members will utilize long handled mops to dry the ceiling. To remove the excess water and prevent drip marks, the wiping of the tiles and t-bar requires even strokes and frequent changing of the mop pads. Typically, that ugly tan tint on tiles shows at least a 70% improvement in appearance after this cleaning process.  In addition to the drying, depending upon the type of lights in the ceiling, a Crew Member may remove the 2X4 light lenses to wash and dry them on both sides. Spot lights, vents, speakers and other ceiling hardware will be dried by hand to minimize drip marks.

Upon completion of the ceiling washing and drying process, Ceiling Ease crew members will remove the tarping, clean any streaks from the floor, and remove splashes from stainless steel hoods and other items.  Cleaning usually takes four to six hours depending on the size of the kitchen and the condition of the ceiling.

Many restaurant managers are aware that their ovens easily damage tiles above the oven doors.  Frequently, managers approve the replacement of up to 4 tiles in case the damage has permanently stained the tiles. In this instance, Crew Members will replace the tiles and remove the old ones. The result is a clean, professional looking ceiling that will appeal to employees, health inspectors, and those customers who may see the ceiling.

It is recommended that in the morning, restaurant staff should mop the floor, return the breakables, and post any signage that was put away. After all that, the only thing left to do is admire how great the ceilings and kitchen look, and enjoy the boost in morale and brighter work environment.