Are your customers greeted with a pleasant smell when they open your door?  Or does the air smell stale, stagnant, and moldy?  If your building is more than 10 years old, you may be starting to have an “old building” smell.

Over time, ceilings tiles collect epidermal (skin) cells.  Add this to the cob webs, occasional sprayed soda, and left over items from ceiling trade workers.  The combinations of these things start making your air smell stale.  In some buildings the smell of mold is sufficient to affect employees and customers breathing.

If you would like to give your offices a fresh smell, clean your ceiling tiles.  Most offices have acoustical tiles.  These tiles easily last 20 years if not abused by festive decorations, air conditioning trade workers, and others.  While they may look good, they will start to absorb smells.

The spraying of your ceiling eliminates the skin cells, spider webs, and most stains.  Within a few hours your location will have a fresher smell.  If you have had a fire in your area, the spraying of a neutralizing chemical can eliminate that burnt smell.  Older buildings may need to be sprayed above the ceiling also to eliminate the smell of dust layers.

A fresher smell will appeal to your customers and employees and reflect positively on your business.  Call for a quote.